• Dec 31, 2013
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Laminate or Hardwood? What’s Right for Your Home?

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This is a tough question but finding the right flooring for your space is important. Quality flooring will last you for many years and you want something that you will be happy with for a long time. So first, let’s make sure we understand the difference between the two.

Hardwood flooring is just what the name says – floors made from hardwood. But, there are actually two major types of hardwood floors – solid and engineered. For more information on the different types of hardwood, read our post: BEAUTIFUL & CLASSIC – HARDWOOD FLOORS TO FIT ANY SPACE 


Photo: Carpet One Floor & Home Learn more about hardwood floors.


Laminate flooring is actually a four-layer sandwich constructed of a protective wear layer over a decorative sheet containing the pattern, which is supported by a rigid core and a bottom balancing layer to help prevent warping. The decorative sheet can have a pattern that looks like hardwood, tile or stone but right now, we’ll just talk about laminate that looks like wood.

finding the right flooring

Photo: Carpet One Floor & Home. Learn more about laminate floors.



Where will the floors be installed? If your room is below grade or very moist, laminate is probably the better option. Some engineered hardwood floors are appropriate for these areas but laminate would be the safer bet.


Photo: Carpet One Floor & Home. Learn more about laminate floors.



If budget is a factor, laminate may be your best bet. You’l l get all the beauty of wood and durability at a lower price point.


If you think you may want to change the stain color of your floor, solid hardwood offers you the option to sand and refinish. Refinishing is not an option with laminate floors.


If you like the look of hand-scraping or unique variations in grain, you’ll have more options that will fit your needs in hardwood.

Both laminate and hardwood floors will provide you with that timeless, natural look you’re craving. Make a list of your priorities to help you choose which floor is right for you and your home.


Photo: Carpet One Floor & Home. Learn more about rustic hardwood floors. 

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