Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet

Information on a durable flooring option that is built to last.

Benefits of Bigelow Stainmaster Carpets

Prevents Crushing & Matting

Your Bigelow Stainmaster carpet is adapt at fighting back against crashing and matting. This will help ensure that your floor looks new for years to come.

How well does this carpet hold up against dirt & soil?

Dirt and soil are some of the toughest opponents of a carpet. If trapped in the carpet, they can decrease the longevity of the carpet and worsen the air quality of your home. The Bigelow Stainmaster is designed with soil resistance technology that prevents that filth from getting to the bottom of your flooring investment. This allows for regular maintenance to be much more effective.

How will the Bigelow Stainmaster fair against staining?

Staining can ruin a carpet. The 6.6 Nylon Fibers that make up the carpet are able to help fight off the strongest cleaning agents. This material has also proven to be great at fighting off natural staining that may come from the sun.

Is this floor option environmentally friendly?

It absolutely is! Those same Nylon Fibers that are so tough are also a recyclable material. You can feel great knowing that your flooring purchase will not leave a tough environmental footprint. 

Other Information?

For more information on the Bigelow Stainmaster carpet, or any of our other flooring options, visit Portice Carpet One Floor & Home today! Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is excited to work with you. 

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