Carpet For Your Stairs


The Benefits of Carpet For Your Stairs

Carpeting home staircases is an important homeowner decision because it is an area that will receive high impact traffic.  The heavy traffic is due to the narrowed space, which like a hallway, leads to people stepping in the same areas repeatedly; creating more excessive wear and tear on that surface.  This type of wear damage is especially true for stairs due to the daily gravity weight impact of walking and running up and down the stairs. 

Carpeting the stairs is the most common homeowner choice.  Carpet for stairs is safer than hardwood or other hard surfaces because they can quickly become slippery and lead to falls.  Carpeting avoids slippery surfaces and helps to impact any falls that do occur by adding a cushion.  The carpet cushion will contribute to reducing the likelihood of fall injuries. 

Homeowners have two carpeting choices for the stairs.  The first option is completely covering the entire surface of the stairs by fully carpeting each step.  The second choice is a stairway runner that covers the central portion of the stair.  It is imperative that either carpeting option is correctly installed by experienced professionals to ensure a snug and proper fit.  Proper installation will avoid buckling that can lead to a tripping hazard.  Fully covering the stairs or a staircase runner is a personal choice associated with the visual impact the homeowner wants to create.

Staircase runners add an impressive visual impact on the home’s foyer.  The carpet runner contrasted with the natural stair edge creates a dramatic look to any stairway.  The staircase runner is centered on the stair, leaving the finished wood edges showing.  The wood stain color can be contrasted with the carpet color to create an extraordinary and unique appearance for the home.


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