Carpet Maintenance

Information on how to properly maintain your carpet flooring.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Carpet maintenance includes taking care of your carpet by vacuuming weekly or as often as necessary to remove dirt, pet hair and pet dander, dealing with spills or stains, and having regular professional steam cleaning. Spills, which cause a stain, need immediate cleaning to remove them more easily.

Professional Stain Removal Tips

Professionals have a number of effective carpet maintenance techniques they use to remove different types of stains, which are helpful to learn when taking care of your carpet.

The first cardinal rule about stains is to use a blotting technique for removal and no rubbing. Rubbing a stain makes it penetrate deeper into the carpeting, whereas blotting the stain lifts it up out of the carpet fibers. Always use a clean white cloth or white paper towels to blot up the stains and the liquids used to clean them.

Beer and Wine Spills
Club soda is very effective to use for these spills. Apply club soda, let it soak into the stain and then blot up the liquid.

Use a brush to remove the candy from the carpet fibers. Blot the area with a sponge using a solution of water and color-safe liquid laundry soap. Blot up the liquid.

For grease, use dish detergent mixed in a cup of water. Spray it on, let the liquid sink in for a moment, and then and blot the cleaning solution away to remove the grease.

Freeze the gum with ice for thirty seconds, remove with a spoon, and then cut the gum out of the carpet fibers using scissors, leaving as much of the fibers as possible.

Pet Stains
Clean up pet stains as soon as possible. Use environmentally friendly cleaners, such as those based on citrus. If the stain is near enough to a wall, gently pull up the carpet and the carpet pad to be able to clean the carpet and the pad from underneath as well as above. Clean the baseboard if it absorbed any liquid from the stain. Then let everything dry out completely before put the carpeting back down in position.

Spills from dripping candles are removable by taking a clean white cloth, placing it over the wax spill and then gently heating it with a clothes iron. When the wax becomes malleable, remove it with a dull knife.


Carpet maintenance and taking care of your carpet does not need to be overly burdensome, but it does need to happen on a regular basis. A professional cleaning, as recommended by your warranty and the manufacturer is always important to schedule.

The benefits of proper carpet maintenance include that the carpeting stays cleaner, looks better, and lasts longer. Regular cleaning also reduces air contaminants that can negatively affect your health and the health of your family. To learn more about carpet maintenance, contact Portice Carpet One Floor & Home in Lakewood, CO. 

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