Carpet On Your Stairs

Cleaning tips and care for carpeting on your stairs.

How To Maintain and Clean Carpeting On Stairs 

Many do not think twice about the carpet on their staircases compared to their carpet flooring. We tend to forget how often we run up and down the stairs tracking dirt, oil, dust and anything else imaginable. With all of this concentrated traffic, carpet staircases require more frequent cleaning. For homes that have pets or younger children, Relax It's...Lee's is a great option for carpeting in your stairs. With stain resistant technology it can withstand the messiest of spills.  

Vacuuming followed by careful shampooing can restore your carpet to its original state. We recommend starting fort thing in the morning before you get moving more the day to give the carpet plenty of time to dry.

Cleaning and Pretreating:

The first step in cleaning your stairs carpets is by obtaining a brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner if you have loop-pile carpet or a beater bar if you have cut-pile carpet. Make sure you start at the top of the staircase and work your way down thoroughly to pick up loose dirt and dust. Next, attach a crevice tool to your vacuum to clean along the perimeter of the step working your way back up.

To treat stains, apply a stain pretreatment to any noticeable spots or marks. We offer cleaning products through Carpet One, but if you do not have a pretreatment product, mix carpet shampoo or a mild dishwashing detergent with water – usually two drops per bottle – and spray 6 – 8 inches away from stains and let sit. Remember to blot not rub! For homes that have stain prone residents, you may want to take a look at our Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet!

There is also always the option of steam cleaning your stairs carpets as well. Either hire a professional to do all the work for you or rent one locally!