Custom Area Rugs

Design your own custom area rug for a space just as unique as you!

Custom Area Rugs

Shopping for area rugs doesn’t have to be difficult, and we at Portice Carpet One Floor & Home in Lakewood, CO make the process even more simplified! When you’re looking for an area rug you are most often subject to only buying what is available on the rack, but what if we told you that you can custom order your own area rug made out of broadloom!

Here are some points to consider why having a custom broadloom area rug is the right choice:

  • Cost
  • Shape and Size
  • Selection
  • Ability to Match
  • Uniqueness 

Stop in store today and begin designing your own custom area rug with the experts at Portice Carpet One Floor & Home! 




In most cases, having a piece of broadloom finished to make an area rug is more cost effective than purchasing a ready-made rug.

On average you will find that a pre-finished area rug will cost upwards of $1,000. When you purchase broadloom to be finished you are instead paying the price per square foot, dramatically bringing the cost down. The binding of the edges may cost extra but in the long run, you will still be saving money.

Shape and Size

Pre-made area rugs come in pre-determined sizes, limiting your options to really customize your space.

When customizing a broadloom area rug, it can be made into almost any size or shape. For rooms that are an open concept or larger in size, you have the option of using a broadloom that comes in 15’ widths giving you a seamless rug.

If you have a room with odd angles and are looking for a rug that can follow the floor plan, broadloom area rugs can be customized to the exact shape you need. Bring in measurements or we can take them for you to cut the broadloom to your specific needs!


If you are looking for an area rug that is more subtle, or don’t think patterns are quite your taste, using broadloom to make your area rugs gives you an endless array of options to choose from. Broadloom carpet has more subtle patterning, an example would be Berber or cut-and-loop which are available in solid colors and feature geometric patterns. The solid color keeps it from looking busy while still visually appealing. You have a vast selection of color options to choose from and different styles.

Ability to Match

If your home is not all hard surface and you have an area with wall-to-wall carpeting, you might want to match your area rug to that carpet. Why not just have that same type of carpet be made into an area rug to ensure a consistent flow that’ll tie together your space!

Another option you might have in your home is matching the carpet to a stair runner. If your stairs are hardwood, you could have a premade runner, but it won’t keep a consistent flow. If you have a runner made out of the same carpet it is sitting adjacent to, it can tie together the entire area.


Even though there are many different patterned pre-made area rugs out there, you always run the risk of seeing the same one in someone else’s home if you buy them from the Big Box stores.

By choosing broadloom and having it specifically tailored to your home through a family owned business such as Portice Carpet One Floor & Home, you are guaranteeing no one will have the same area rug as you. You deserve a rug that is as unique as you are!