Hard Surface Flooring

Choose hard surface flooring for natural style and strength.

Our Hard Surface Flooring Selection

There are a variety of hard surface flooring options available, including hardwood and tile. With so many options, it's often difficult to make the right choice, but we here at Portice Carpet One are here to help. We offer a great selection of hard surface floors, and we also have many experts who'll help you every step of the way. Visit our Lakewood, CO store to get started!

Wood Flooring

You can't mention hard surface flooring without mentioning wood flooring. Wood flooring, which includes hardwood, has seemingly be found in homes forever, so its strength and style are definitely reliable and time-tested. Hardwood is the most popular wood flooring option, and it certainly adds luxury and value to any home.

Hardwood Flooring brands we carry and trust: 

Armstrong  - Learn more about Armstrong Performance Plus hardwood flooring


Hardwood can be sealed and finished for extra shine and protection. Learn more!

In addition to hardwood, we offer bamboo flooring and cork flooring. Both offer unique looks and feels that are difficult to replicate.

Bamboo Flooring

Cork Flooring


Wood flooring isn't a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms with moisture, but tile is an alternative. Tile resists water and heat, and it's easy to clean.

Click here to check out ceramic tile, one of the most popular tile options.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is practical for those who want the looks of hardwood in an area with heavy foot traffic. Unlike hardwood, laminate is made to resist most scratches and scuffs, and it's also better against humidity and moisture.

Check out laminate!