Hardwood Finishes

Comparing the benefits of Prefinished and Unfinished hardwood floors.

Hardwood Finishes

Prefinished vs Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood floor is dependent on its finish. The finish will determine the floor’s color, grain appearance, gloss, and most importantly, it will protect your floor.

Hardwood floors come in unfinished and prefinished planks. Most hardwood floors come in prefinished boards because they are easier to install and generally have a more consistent quality to the finish. Unfinished boards can be customized to your own needs, making this a more flexible option. Neither option is more expensive than the other; prefinished hardwood boards are more expensive but cost less to install, and unfinished boards are less expensive to purchase but cost more to install.

Benefits of unfinished floors

  • You can stain your floor any color, allowing you to truly coordinate your floor’s design with the rest of the room.

  • The floor will be sanded on site, which will get rid of any minor irregularities or uneven spots in the floor.

  • There is a wider selection of wood species available as unfinished boards, allowing further customization for your floor. It is also easier to find boards in various widths as unfinished planks.

Benefits of prefinished floors

  • Boards are finished and sealed at the factory, which decreases installation time. This also means that the air in your home will not be exposed to harsh chemicals and dust from the finishing process.

  • The factory does quality control inspections, ensuring that the floor maintains a consistent appearance and any defective boards are fixed or discarded.

  • Factory finishes are guaranteed to last a specific period. Having a factory warrantee on your floor will give you peace of mind knowing that your floor is protected should any problems arise.

  • Every coat of polyurethane is dried using ultraviolet light in many prefinished hardwood floors. This means that more coats can be applied to the planks in a shorter amount of time. This also means that prefinished floors will usually have more coats of polyurethane than unfinished floors.

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