Linoleum Flooring

The benefits of a tough flooring option for your home.

Linoleum Flooring For Your Home

A type of flooring that has been around for 150 years, linoleum flooring is made up of linseed oil, wood or cork powder, as well as ground stone. Moreover, loved by those who prefer to work with materials that are environmentally friendly, linoleum floor is recyclable material and partially recycled content. With that said, the following is a closer look at the benefits of linoleum floors. 
Overall, linoleum floors are a great option for those looking to redo their floors with a material that is both durable and inexpensive. Nevertheless, there is something to be said for installation and maintenance so be sure to keep up with maintenance as suggested. 

Features and Benefits of linoleum


Much less expensive than the other popular material used for flooring (i.e. stone, wood, or ceramic), the price point of linoleum is comparable to that of vinyl.


Highly customizable, linoleum flooring comes in an array of colors, patterns, and styles. In addition to that, you can even purchase vintage linoleum for a more retro look.

Water Resistant

Another great feature of linoleum is that it is waterproof. Making it perfect for kitchens and other areas of the home, many prefer linoleum due to its ability to ward off stains and other damages often caused by liquids.

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