Vinyl Flooring Care

Learn what to do and not to do with your vinyl flooring

10 handy tips for vinyl floor maintenance

Vinyl flooring has long been a favorite for high traffic areas and areas prone to spills like kitchens and utility rooms. You can help your floor stay beautiful by taking some simple steps.



Keep those floors clean - Sheet vinyl is no exception when it comes to the need for consistent cleaning. Getting the dirt off before it gets ground in is the key to ensuring your vinyl flooring stays in good shape. 

Use a doormat - A doormat helps to avoid a vinyl floor’s two greatest enemies: chemicals and dirt. Grit works like sandpaper and removes the finish from your floor. Chemicals from asphalt that stick to your shoes, though unseen, causing floors to yellow. 

Use the Proper Cleaner - When needed, be sure and use a cleaner specially made for no-wax floors. No matter what the label says about there being no need to rinse, ignore it and rinse with clean, cool water. Unless your floor needs a serious cleaning, damp mop with warm water only. 

Remove all Soap - Soap scum leaves a film that actually collects dirt. 

Preserve the Sheen - If your vinyl flooring is labeled “no wax” and loses its shine, don’t use any mop-and-wax products! This will leave a mess to be stripped off later. 

Put Appliances on a Plywood path before Moving 

Use Protective Feet on Furniture and Appliances - Prevent dents from items that are seldom moved by fitting them with floor protectors.



Avoid Drenching the Floor – Excess water from a mop works its way into the seams, edges, and cracks where it can destroy the glue that holds down the vinyl, causing it to loosen and curl at the corners. 

Resist aggressive cleaning - Clean your vinyl floor with the mildest method possible and its shine will last far longer. Wipe up spills right away and vacuum, dry mop, or sweep frequently. To get dirt that a broom cannot, use a mop and warm - never hot - water. 

Forget Rolling Casters - Fit chairs with felt tips that won’t harm your vinyl 

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