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COREtec Technology®

COREtec Technology®

COREtec Technology® has quickly become the floor of choice for busy homeowners. With its sturdy construction and waterproof features, it’s hard to compare other options when it comes to practicality.  At Portice Carpet One Floor & Home, we are proud to carrying COREtec Technology® floors. We have the full COREtec Technology® line available, which comes in a variety of colors and textures to fit almost any home design. 


COREtec Technology® has gotten its reputation due to two unique features – its core structure, and additional cork underlayment. Constructed from recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and PVC, the core structure is entirely stable and waterproof. 


Even under moist and humid conditions, COREtec Technology® tiles and planks do not expand or contract. The ability to keep from expanding and contracting makes COREtec Technology® floors ideal for areas with high moisture levels or drastic changes in humidity and climate. You will not see gaps in your floor when there is low humidity, and buckling is unlikely because COREtec Technology® does not expand in high humidity. In addition, the fact that COREtec Technology® does not leave gaps makes it easier to clean thoroughly. Small particles do not get stuck in between gaps, because there are no gaps.


The cork underlayment of COREtec Technology®, which is attached to the core structure underneath, is soft underfoot and provides substantial sound insulation and can absorb subfloor imperfections. COREtec Technology® can be installed over just about any subfloor, even ones that are not entirely flat. The cork underlayment protects against mold and mildew leaving the floor clean and healthy in your home.


Like many vinyl floors, COREtec Technology® features a luxury vinyl top layer which includes a high definition image of wood or tile, and resists chips and dents to ensure a longer life time. Overall, COREtec Technology® flooring is well-suited for almost any homeowner, because it is so tough. 


At Portice Carpet One Floor & Home in Lakewood, we are proud to provide luxury vinyl flooring to West Denver and surrounding areas.

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