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Eco Friendly Flooring

Eco Friendly Flooring

For many homeowners, finding green flooring products that are both eco-friendly and healthy is a top priority when shopping for new floors. Flooring materials have been known to release VOCs, which can be harmful to your health and indoor air quality. At Portice Carpet One Floor & Home, we provide a variety of sustainable flooring options that are non-toxic, low-VOC emitting, sustainable, and stylish. A few of our top eco flooring options include bamboo, cork, wool carpets, and linoleum. We also have recycled glass tiles that are perfect for custom backsplashes and accent walls.

To learn more about our sustainable flooring options, plan a visit to our Lakewood, Colorado, showroom. We proudly provide products and installation services to Jefferson County, all of West Denver, and the surrounding area. 



Our Green Flooring Solutions

Cork floors are a quiet, comfortable, and durable option for your home. They’re considered eco-friendly because they’re created using the bark of cork trees. This bark can be harvested without killing the tree and it naturally grows back over time. Cork comes in the form of planks and tiles and adds a unique and expansive feel to any space. Cork floors are also naturally water-resistant, antimicrobial, and mold-resistant. 

Bamboo floors are similar to cork in that they’re available in a panel form that mirrors hardwood planks. Since bamboo regenerates itself much faster than hardwood trees, it’s considered a sustainable alternative to hardwood. It also can handle humidity and moisture better than wood floors. Additionally, bamboo is a low-maintenance flooring option that’s easy to clean and simple to care for over the years.

We also carry Forbo Flooring Systems, an innovative company that creates environmentally-friendly, healthy, and durable floors for commercial settings. Our Forbo collections include Marmoleum, one of the most popular linoleum brands on the market. Marmoleum is exceptionally durable, stylish, and sustainable since it’s made from natural materials like composite wood and linseed oil. Marmoleum floors are also antibacterial and easy to sanitize, making them ideal for commercial settings like hospitals, schools, long-term care facilities, and more. 

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